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Sound work: amplifier, loudspeakers, 2007

A collaboration with a youth orchestra and composer Kerry Andrew to create an original soundtrack that explores the cultural resonances of the horror film genre. This raw and unsettling score to an imagined 'teen slasher' flick was composed, performed by and features 14 and 15 year-old musicians. Adopting the satirical traditions of the horror genre to look at our dystopic obsessions with 'Youth', the work aims to capture something of the marginal places, both physical and psychological, that adolescents often inhabit. In effect, through the writing and playing of this new score the group have composed the soundtrack to their own environment.
Alive! was commissioned for and first broadcast at the sound event GRAIN, held in the landscape around Grain Power Station, Kent.
Alive! developed from a previous sound work untitled (horror) (2001) that uses cut-and-paste audio from B-movie horror scores.

  [Main image: recording Alive! at Junior Trinity College, London]
  teenage musicians recording horror film soundtrack