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Life in the Woods, Andrew Dodds
  Life in the Woods
Paper, scissors, glue, table, posters, 2007
An on-going body of works on paper that explores the potentiality of the gallery space as a site for proposition, discussion and debate. Theodoreau, Unabomber FBI Sketch (as woodcut) and Lincoln, Montana form a relational project that looks at the possible similarities between Henry David Thoreau, the 19th century author of Walden and On Civil Disobedience, and Theodore Kaczynski who was dubbed The Unabomber during his Luddite bombing campaign in the US from the 1970s onward. Both men rejected consumerist society, retreating from civilisation to live in backwoods cabins and both advocated acts of violence for what they perceived as a just cause.
In the gallery visitors can make their own cabin based on elements from Thoreau's and Kaczynski's isolated hideaways. Posters on the walls are digitally made 'woodcuts' derived from images of the men's cabins and FBI eyewitness sketches.
  Download and print your very own model cabin here: Theodoreau PDF (230kb)
  [Main image: installation view London]
  cut out and keep paper cabin